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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Celefi?

Celefi is the leading market in connecting fans with their favorite personalities and celebrities. It is acting as a bridge between the two. Founded in June 2020 by Altamash Kabir, Celefi’s mission is to be the authentic fan and celeb connection in the world.

What are the engagement and brand promotion services does Celefi provides?

The customers can request video calls, personalized video messages, DMs on Instagram, Social media posts, and brand promotion videos from celebrities in Celefi. The business groups can request brand promotion videos from celebrities at an affordable price.

What is the process of booking a Celefi video?

To book a Celefi video, one needs to first visit the official site and log in there. Then go to ‘Browse Celebrity’ and choose the celebrity. You can also search for the celebrity as per your choice. Click on ‘Request Video’. Fill up the details like ‘Message for’ and ‘Occasion’. You can also mention the instruction for the celebrity. Fill up the delivery information like Name, e-mail, and contact number. After filling up the details, click on the ‘Request video’ and choose your preferred payment option. Finally, place the order. Here you go, your request will be fulfilled by the celebrity and a video message will be delivered to you.

How much time does it take for my request to get delivered?

It normally takes 7 days to fulfill a particular request in Celefi. However, in worst cases like the busy schedule or holidays of the requested celeb, there might be a delay in processing and delivering the request. But you don’t need to worry, you will be informed prior about the delay and the date of delivery.

What is the length of Celebrity wishing/brand promotion videos?

It is generally a short video of 1 to 2 minutes. But, there is no time-bound on the video. The video will get over once the celebrity wished your loved ones will all their heart.

Will the celebrity convey the exact message as requested by the user?

Yes, the celebrity will convey the exact message as requested by the user. In addition to the message that the user provides, the celebrity will wish your loved ones in a very beautiful way thereby making it extra special for them.

What if a celebrity does not complete my order?

In Celefi, if the celebrity is not able to complete the order, then the money debited from the customer’s account will be credited back to them. Also, a prior notification of non-fulfillment of the order will be sent to the customer’s e-mail.

Why did my order got declined?

The order declination in Celefi occurs in rare cases. If it happened with you, then we regret it from our side and the reason might be the unavailability of the celebrity at that moment. However, you will get the total refund on your same mode of payment.

How will I receive my order?

Once the order gets verified from our side, you will get it via any of the two ways. One of them is getting the video message on your Celefi account. So, simply login with your username and password. Another way of getting the message is via a link that will be shared on the email and mobile number provided by you. You can visit the video message by going through the link.

Can I download video messages and share them with friends?

Once the order gets completed and shared with you, you can download the video message. Thus, you can share it with your friends and relatives also.

Can I use the video for further commercial/ Promotional process?

In Celefi, if you request the brand promotional video, then you can use it for commercial/promotional purposes in your website, application, product pages. Also, you can promote the video on the official pages of the company like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube, and others.

How do I get messages for brand promotion/ commercial process?

If you requested for brand promotion video from Celefi, then after the completion of the request, you will get it into your email and contact number. A link will be shared with you and you can download the video and post it on various pages.

Price of brand promotion and wishes are same or different?

Different celebrities charge different prices in Celefi. The cost of brand promotion videos and wishes are different and it differs based on the choice of celebrities also.

How Celefi helps brands to grow through influencer marketing?

Influencers, being the market buzz nowadays, with remarkable results, are a part of Celefi also. One can request brand promotion videos or social media posts from their side. These influencers will fulfill the request and complete the order.

how beneficial are brands collaborating with celebrities to grow their social media presence?

Social media, being a part of digital marketing is ruling the market. People spend an average of 6 hours daily surfing through their social media sites. Getting your brand’s promotional video or social media post by a celebrity will give a boost to the business. So, if the business is collaborating with a celebrity, it will be a great method of generating leads and conversions, creating brand awareness, increasing sales, etc., thereby increasing the brand presence.